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We specialize in creating the framework for a comfortable, safe, and inclusive environment to guide you as you identify, elaborate on, and resolve your most challenging problems. Because we are skilled problem-solvers ourselves, we understand that the secret to solving problems is enabling those who own the problems to solve them – themselves.

Who knows better than you what solutions will work in your organization? Who should be more empowered than you to own those solutions in order to take them forward and bring them to fruition?

We help you get the most creative thoughts from your team. Ēlumināt uses design thinking methodologies to develop solutions from inside your organization by helping your team identify the problems you are trying to solve and coaching them through the creative decision-making process. The result is more powerful solutions more finely attuned to your goals, your mission, and your landscape.

Meet Our Team

Cross-generational. Cross-discipline. Complementary perspectives.
David Levy

David Levy

Gen Xer • City Planner • Urbanist

With more than 25 years of experience in city planning at the local and federal levels, I specialize in developing creative solutions to the complex challenges of both urban governance and urban placemaking. I work to build diverse, lively, and inclusive communities that encourage life on foot.

Kyle Duarte

Kyle Duarte

Millennial • Human Centered Design • Polyglot

A Stanford-trained Design Thinking expert, I am particularly interested in how citizens win when government agencies innovate in their products and services. I also have experience with Universal Design principles and exploring how language affects product success.

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