ēlumin.āt offers a range of consulting and training services designed to integrate Design Thinking and Human Centered Design into your organization’s culture and to accommodate your needs. Whether it’s a quick consultation, a full-day workshop, or an intensive investigation of ongoing concerns, the ēlumin.āt team can customize a service for you.

ēlumin.āt currently offers consulting and training services in the following business areas:

Citizen Services

Are you a local or federal government agency that offers direct citizen services? Discover more effective ways to connect with the citizens you serve. Government operations in major metropolitan areas can be complex endeavors that are difficult for citizens to navigate. While you have the best intentions of providing high quality service, this disconnect may actually be perpetuating unfavorable views of your organization by the people you are meant to serve.

David’s experience includes both local and federal government service, giving him a real insider’s view of government operations. Let ēlumin.āt help you better communicate what you do to the people you do it for.

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Urban Lifestyles

As our cities grow and increasingly add both younger and older urban dwellers, many of these new residents are living in cities for the first time. Tapping into this newfound wealth of energy and experience can build culturally diverse urban places, but the differences among generations can cause unanticipated tensions as well. We don’t just plan for cities; we’ve lived in them.

See how our experience living in Washington, DC, Paris, and other urban places gives us first hand real life experience in city-building and city-dwelling. Let the ēlumin.āt team help you make the most of what these new residents have to offer and educate new urban residents about how to live more symbiotically together.

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Healthcare Experience

The healthcare experience can be daunting for patients and families who need to focus on getting and staying healthy, and not on navigating what can be a confusing physical environment and complex web of administrative healthcare processes.

David’s experience includes five years of architectural construction administration on a major medical center development, where he touched every aspect of hospital design. He also organized the Mayor’s Sustainable DC Healthcare Sector pledge, signed by every hospital and primary clinic system in the District of Columbia. Work with ēlumin.āt to examine your healthcare facility’s physical layout and administrative processes to make them more intuitive and integral to patient expectations.

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Universal Design

Do we design our urban places to accommodate all people or do our design decisions by their nature exclude the people we call “disabled,” because we fail to consider their needs? Does urban design create disability through exclusion? How can these places be designed to enable people of all abilities by building in inclusive design factors?

Both David and Kyle have experience in Universal Design that will help you to more fully enable the places you want to build. Let ēlumin.āt help you incorporate the principles of Universal Design into your urban design project.

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Holistic Transport

In today’s increasingly crowded cities, there is more competition than ever before for the scarce resource of public space, and increasing modal conflicts. As more pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists take to the streets, how do we allocate adequate space for all? And how do we resolve the conflicts on our city streets? How do we make the most of the transport systems we have and better share the limited space in which we have to move around our cities?

David’s background in transportation and transit planning gives our team an edge in helping you to unravel your transportation challenges. Let ēlumin.āt help you sort out the chaos and create a more cooperative transport environment.

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Plain Language

Today, more than ever before, people of all generations are taking a direct and active role in the institutions that affect their daily lives – government, healthcare, and education to name a few. But these same people may have little experience in how these institutions work. And often, the way that these institutions communicate leaves their customers wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into. How can we make our institutions more accessible by eliminating archaic and bureaucratic language to better communicate with the public that we serve?

Kyle’s background in linguistics and his fluency in Spanish, French, and American Sign Language offer a unique perspective on the communication styles of the diverse cultural groups that make up contemporary communities. Let ēlumin.āt help you review your organization’s plans and policies and make them more accessible to today’s generation of engaged citizens.

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