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Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings or views of another – is the first step in any successful human interaction. And empathy is where Ēlumināt begins. That’s what makes us different. We begin all of our work by engaging the very people most affected by the problem you are trying to solve. And that’s how we help you become successful. Because we engage the people closest to the problem to co-create solutions. From workshops to public events to crafting strategy, we carry this philosophy into everything we do.

Our Expertise

Ēlumināt specializes in engaging with diverse communities, using empathy to shed light on the competing priorities that may otherwise complicate projects. Our work is modern, dynamic, informative, and most of all, human.

The Ēlumināt team is a unique fusion of experience, intuition, and perspective that builds on a cross-generational partnership. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Kyle and David specialize in organizational dynamics, group engagement, and problem solving, using Design Thinking and engagement strategies to create interactive cross-disciplinary workshops for clients.

What does all this mean for you? Better results, and solutions that already have buy-in. That’s because the people most affected by the problem helped to create the solutions along with you. That’s the power of empathy, and that’s the Ēlumināt difference.

Meet Our Team

Cross-generational. Cross-discipline. Complementary perspectives.
David Levy

David Levy

Gen Xer • City Planner • Urbanist

With more than 25 years of experience in city planning at the local and federal levels, I specialize in developing creative solutions to the complex challenges of both urban governance and urban placemaking. I work to build diverse, lively, and inclusive communities that encourage life on foot.

Kyle Duarte

Kyle Duarte

Millennial • Human Centered Design • Polyglot

A Stanford-trained Design Thinking expert, I am particularly interested in how citizens win when government agencies innovate in their products and services. I also have experience with Universal Design principles and exploring how language affects product success.

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