Rosslyn Community Transportation Workshop

Winter 2017

Realizing Rosslyn

Thoughtful urbanism for a Washington, DC neighbor.

As part of the larger Realize Rosslyn plan for this vibrant and emerging Arlington County, Virginia business district, Ēlumināt organized a community transportation pop-up and workshop.

Along with the Rosslyn BID, Arlington County, and NACTO, Ēlumināt encouraged those who live, work, and play in Rosslyn to collaboratively envision the next generation of quick, inexpensive, high-impact improvements to the core grid of several city blocks using a toolset called Tactical Urbanism.

We combined high-yield quantitative data, collected via an on-street pop-up survey of area pedestrians, with high-investment qualitative data, gathered in the form of a day-long prototyping workshop that mixed local residents and commercial property owners with BID and County staff.

The result was a highly-successful community engagement that led to actionable transportation improvements.

Community-Driven Results

Allowing those who live, work, and play in Rosslyn to shape the future of a burgeoning community.

Pop-Up Survey

In February 2017, Ēlumināt and the Rosslyn BID Ambassador team reached nearly 1,000 people who live, work, and play in Rosslyn, asking them to share their views on transportation in the neighborhood. Our "on the street" pop-up survey energized the Rosslyn community around what it’s like to experience Rosslyn on foot, by bike, and using transit.

Our customized online survey reached additional residents, retailers, and commuters, providing a rich trove of quantitative and qualitative data that helped us to create a highly engaging transportation workshop where participants developed actionable solutions to Rosslyn’s transportation challenges.

Design Workshop

Using the results of the pop-up survey, Ēlumināt organized a day-long design workshop that invited those who live, work, and play in Rosslyn, along with BID and County staff members, to envision new ways of using the existing street infrastructure to enhance transportation options.

We asked participants to focus on the most problematic intersections, as were identified in the pop-up survey. 10 teams worked throughout the day to study reported problems, document existing conditions via site visits, and sketch out and present possible transportation solutions.

Ēlumināt helped Arlington County and the Rosslyn BID bring together a diverse range of people who created community-driven solutions, generating 10 exciting ideas for future implementation.

The best-organized community workshop I've ever attended - energizing and empowering with the emphasis on people!

The proposed improvements will strengthen Rosslyn’s sense of place, economic vitality and social connectivity.

- Lisa D., Rosslyn resident