Vision Zero HBG

Summer-Fall 2018

Vision Zero Harrisburg

Traffic safety for the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Vision Zero HBG is the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s commitment to end serious injuries and fatalities on its roadways within 10 years. The program focuses on engineering, education, and enforcement, among other measures, to rebalance city streets for safer travel - safer for pedestrians, safer for cyclists, safer for transit users, and safer for motorists.

Ēlumināt designed the engagement strategy for the program and provides ongoing development and facilitation of engagement activities including task force meetings, stakeholder workshops, and public meetings.

For this project, Ēlumināt designed a custom intercept survey that was administered both on the street and online, and choreographed a full-day community workshop that brought together city and state government decision-makers, residents, health and safety advocates, and first responders to jointly develop solutions to safety concerns on Harrisburg city streets.

Using Ēlumināt’s unique and personal approach, we engaged first with community leaders most affected by the problems, to gauge their perspective, and built a coalition of stakeholders and an engagement process from there.

Creative Engagement Strategy

Helping Harrisburg empower its citizens to design safer streets.

Pop-Up Intercept Survey

Going right to the heart of the community experiencing the problem, Ēlumināt popped up at the corner of 17th and State Streets to find out what people were thinking about safety. We interviewed pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to inform the city’s safety studies from the source.

Task Force Support

When Harrisburg set out to establish a task force for its Vision Zero program, Ēlumināt was there to bring the stakeholders together. We identified, met with, and recruited participants for the city’s task force that includes community members and health advocates, in addition to government officials.

Community Meetings

Public meetings should be held in the communities they are meant to serve. For Harrisburg’s State Street rapid response project, Ēlumināt anchored the community conversation at the local firehouse that was identified by the community as its center, enabling people to reach the meeting easily from home and work.

Co-Creation Workshop

Problem solving is a group effort, and Ēlumināt specializes in bringing together the people you need to address the problem at hand. For Harrisburg, Ēlumināt built a custom co-creation workshop with city and state officials, community representatives, first responders, and healthy living advocates to define the problem and envision solutions together. Our one-day workshop helped the city move the problem a big step forward toward a community-embraced solution.

Equity is at the heart of all good community engagement.

- Ēlumināt