Custom solutions that will work for you.

Ēlumināt brings together the people most affected by the problem you are tying to solve – you and your stakeholders with overlapping perspectives, roles, and interests- to work collaboratively on novel solutions for change. We help you develop change from within your organization, leading you to the solutions that work best for you.

Creative Stakeholder Engagement

We don’t do run-of-the-mill check-the-box community engagement. At Ēlumināt, we help you build real engagement with real people in your community. Real engagement means that community members support your project because they helped create it. Our innovative intercept surveys, workshops, and other public engagement strategies will build engagement, support, and project success. Our co-creation workshop participants use Design Thinking to ideate, prototype, and test innovative and shared approaches to problem-solving that allow organizations to examine and solve problems from the ground up.

Branding & Web Presence

Ēlumināt’s full range of constituent and stakeholder engagement strategies includes custom web design and project or program branding. Allow Ēlumināt to wrap its engagement work around your project with a full suite of communications and engagement activities. From social media to web design to creating workshops and public meetings, to developing task force membership, Ēlumināt provides a range of engagement services that can be customized to meet your project needs.

Public Polling & Surveys

Find out what your constituents are thinking with Ēlumināt’s polling and survey services. Work with us to custom design a survey that let’s you get at the core of what’s happening with your stakeholder group. Surveys can be used to gauge opinion, promote an idea or program, or test out innovative solutions to whatever challenge your organization faces.

Grant Development

Ēlumināt does grants. Allow our team to serve as an extension of your organization. We can search for, identify, and prepare grant proposals for you. Our grant development service allows you to extend your reach into program activities and available funding by letting Ēlumināt extend your in-house team.


A proprietary coupon platform to promote small businesses and expand customer reach, including the ability to poll customer satisfaction. URBNLY deals can be used to incentivize polling and survey participation, and to increase foot traffic to neighborhood businesses.

Small Packet Planning

Ēlumināt specializes in Small Packet Planning. Quick and easy, inexpensive, and fun to implement, Ēlumināt’s Small Packet Planning services can be used for small planning studies, to unstick small problems, and to construct and test tactical urbanism demonstration projects. Small Packet Planning can be combined with other Ēlumināt services, such as workshops and other engagement activities.